Lock Poker Review

Lock Poker is certainly one of the lesser known brands in the industry. It is well known for being one of the poker rooms that certainly suits the casual player, which is why they have managed to build up a decent fan base. For those that want some fairly soft action, this is certainly the place to come and visit.


The great thing about this poker room is that the traffic is at a reasonable level. Although a lot of people like the action thick and fast, the reality is that many others prefer it slow and steady. They are more interested in having a great time than winning as much as possible in a short space of time. People that visit the Lock Poker tables will notice that the $1/2 level stakes are likely to seem the most popular. That being said, there is still chances to win plenty of cash at these stakes.


After finally signing up to Lock Poker, players will find that there are some excellent different tournaments to choose from. That being said, it takes a lot longer to build a decent schedule for a night here than it does at other poker rooms. This is obviously just because the rate of people signing to tournaments is lower, so the volume of tournaments on offer is also going to be a lot lower. The best stake range tends to be $1-20, which is where the majority of players tend to hang out here.


Essentially, when a player is picking a poker room, they tend to choose based on a few different factors, with the quality of the software being one of the most important. Online players will know that this is a poker room designed for those that want to enjoy the overall online experience. Merge Gaming Network have developed some extremely good software and this is a great example of their work.


Support is on hand 24 hours a day with Lock Poker and it is available 7 days a week. This means that players can access the support that they need whenever they need it. They can use chat, phone or email to get answers to their questions. Obviously a lot of the questions relate to depositing and withdrawal. To make things easier, Lock have even created an online FAQ, which means that players might not have to wait for a response to their question.